Hi, my name is Randy and I want to welcome you to your One-Stop Gardening supply site.   This site is actually an outgrowth of a previous website that grew beyond its original goal of living greener around the house and ended up into not just low impact gardening and lawn care, but also organic cleaning supplies and more.  So, to keep each site a little more tightly focused, this is the first re-positioning website.

Within this site you will find reviews and sources to order just about everything you need to start and maintain your garden, whether that ends up outside or inside of your home.   Hydroponics has come a long way and many people have also discovered the pleasures of growing their own herbs indoors…talk about convenience.

I will sometimes post information on e-books and reports that you may find interesting and insightful, as well.  I don’t claim to be an expert in every facet of gardening and yard care, so there are times its best to seek out sources who are.

If there is something in particular you are looking for information on, please let me hear from you.  As I said, I will be moving a number of entries from my other website, so I may already have that info at my fingertips.  On the other hand, if I don’t, I’d be happy to track it down for you.  I would really like to see this blog become OUR blog and have everyone leave their comments, reviews, and recommendations for all of us to share.

Again, welcome to the site and I hope to hear from you.  Oh, please bookmark this site you can find your way back…its a big internet out there and so easy to get lost.

UPDATE:  As I mentioned, I am re-positioning content from an earlier “Green living” website.  This was the first spun-off site, the second is now up and running at www.onestoporganicgardening.com.  As the name implies, it is focused on organic gardening; composting, organic pest control,  electric mower and trimmers…well, you get the idea.  If you would like to get some information on gardening and lowering your environmental impact at the same time, I invite you to check it out.